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Direct Mail Marketing Service - A Silent Representative Speaks Volumes

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Who You Are and What You Do
Nothing jumpstarts or expands a business like recognition within the community. With so many people competing in similar markets today, a business must ensure they are the company others think of first, in order to survive in today's business world. Whether you are a health and fitness club, storage facility, car dealership, restaurant, or anything in between, utilizing a direct mail marketing service will help you stand out and be counted to the community around you.
Trust in the Tried and True
Companies that specialize in the direct mail marketing service industry have been around for a long time and with good reason. Unlike many other methods of advertisement, direct mail marketing has provided positive results for decades and allows businesses to control who they are marketing to. By utilizing in-depth information lists gathered from dozens of sources, direct mail marketing companies are able to send flyers and door hangers to only those homes which are more likely to respond or show interest in a company's products and services, eliminating unnecessary cost and waste. There is virtually no other type of advertising that can offer this much return on investment with such competitive pricing and extensive knowledge.
Online advertising certainly has its place. Over the years, it has been able to reach the masses and bring products and ideas to those who might never have thought of such concepts before. Today's market, however, has reached a saturation point due to the ever-growing Internet. Many consumers have developed a subconscious aversion to advertising in this medium and practically shut out or outright ignore any type of marketing the digital world aims in their direction. Despite this highly technologically advanced society, many people still have a very positive reaction to information on paper, and are far more likely to react and respond when presented with something they can touch, feel, and hold themselves. Door hangers and local flyer distribution are effective methods of advertising and provide the customer with something they can easily reference in the future should they have no need for the services at the time, and are far less intrusive than someone knocking on doors at inconvenient times during the day.
A Silent Representative Speaks Volumes
Many people do not like feeling they are being "sold” on a product or service. It evokes a natural reaction of wariness, which can have negative effects on your business. By using a direct mail marketing service you are essentially sending out a silent representative to do the talking for you, which allows your customers the time and space they need to consider buying your products in a no-pressure environment. If you are looking to increase sales and customer satisfaction your best bet has been, and always will be, the printed word.

Success with Direct Mail

In the age of the internet, many overlook direct mail as an advertising solution, but it can actually bring in lots of leads for your business, whether you're a restaurant, gym, service provider, hair salon, retail shop, cell phone company!

In fact, with many advertisers turning to the web, the direct mail niche is no longer over-saturated. That means your direct mail piece has a greater chance of catching the consumer's attention!

What's more, clients are many times more likely to make a purchase when they have a coupon, so including a coupon with your direct mail piece is just one of the many methods you can use to get consumers to take action after they receive your direct mail piece.

Contact Direct Mail Marketing Service today to discover what we can do for your business!

How Direct Mail Marketing Really Started

Direct mail marketing seems to be as old as time itself, doesn’t it? As one of the most popular forms of traditional marketing around, everyone has received at least one mailed advertisement in their lives. The reason why direct mail advertising is so popular is because it works, and it has worked for over a century. And because it is so effective, business owners know that they can rely on direct mail to gain customers year after year, regardless of the industry that they are in.

Ever wonder how it all started?

Believe it or not, there was a time when mail was only used for purposes like getting in touch with relatives, relaying news, and other similar communications. The first company to use direct mail as a form of marketing was Sears, of department store fame. In the late 19th century, Sears became known as the first company to get profits from mail advertisements. In many ways, the way that Sears used direct mail advertising was revolutionary. Sears, then known as Sears-Roebuck, was a simple department store that created a catalog of items that people could buy. This in itself was unusual for the time, since almost all stores at the time didn’t see any reason to have a catalog. Then, to make it even more innovative, Sears mailed out catalogs across the country, and gave people the option to order the products that they wanted by mail. It was a huge success, and the Sears catalog springboarded the company to the successful giant it has become today.

Other companies, of course, followed suit with their own direct mail marketing campaigns. Some rolled out with simpler ads, now called flyers. Either way, the era of direct mail marketing was born, and many companies can safely say that they owe their success to their mailers. Though the success rate has slowed since the 1890’s, direct mail marketing has always managed to provide a constant rate of return, and that is not something that other forms of traditional marketing can say.

Perhaps what’s most amazing about direct mail marketing is that this old school technique doesn’t need much in order for it to be a success. All you really need is a well designed ad that you want to mail out, a printer to print out the mailers, and a company that can mail it out for you. Direct mail marketing’s reach is a powerful one, and it can span as far as you want it to reach.

Direct mail marketing’s history speaks for itself. After over a hundred years, people still react well to getting news of offers, specials, and deals in the mail. It doesn’t matter whether you are a brand new company that is reaching out to customers for the first time, or a company as big as Sears. Direct mail marketing can do wonders for you, so don’t wait another week for your advertising campaign to begin. Contact Front Door Advertising to get started today!

Direct to Mail Advertising – A New Form of Marketing stemming From he Old Ways

Many, if not most people shy away from aggressive door to door salesmen with sales pitches that make them feel manipulated, like they are already "sold”. It feels like intrusion into our privacy. It's common for Advertising companies and marketing firms to unintentionally invoke this natural reaction of guardedness towards the people they wanted to sell to. However, you can avoid this uncomfortable and intrusive situation by using Direct Mail Advertising. The Direct Mail approach allows you to sell to the right people without having to physically send somebody to their door. Think of it this way, you will be sending what they call a "silent representative”. Believe me, when people receive the message from your direct mail (silent representative pitches), their wariness and guardedness will be gone. Your customers will not feel pressured or manipulated, and will take the appropriate time needed for them to decide if what you are offering is really what they are looking for. If sales and more productivity out of your marketing efforts are part of your ultimate goal, then let those printed words do the job for you! Direct to mail marketing will work wonders.

As the descriptive words describe themselves, direct mail marketing and advertising is a strategy in marketing which involves sending print info materials or mail directly to the consumers’ doors, lawns and/or mailboxes. Considered as an old strategy, but still very effective as a traditional marketing tool, direct mail is still widely used today by government organizations and nonprofit organizations mostly to drive their efforts. This affordable and cost effective form of marketing has its own advantages that needs to be addressed and should be considered as part of your marketing strategy.

To start with your direct mail campaign, one must collect data on the specific demographic you intend to reach. Demographics can be categorized by specific factors such as income, household members etc. The next step will be designing the direct mail advertisement and using the right copy to hook your potential customers. You only have a few precious seconds to get someones attention, so attractive artwork and a clean prominent message is essential for a successful direct mail campaign. Also note, that using a high quality stock paper will help your direct mail endure weather or physical damage. If your direct mail is partially ripped or faded, its likely to go into the trash before anybody looks at it. To avoid making your business look amateurish and unprofessional, its best to use a marketing company with years of expertise such as Front Door Advertising. Don't get brushed off prematurely. Be sure every aspect of your campaign is throughly researched and planned so you can have a successful direct mail campaign.


How to Use Direct Mail Advertising to Get Marketing Results

How to Use Direct Mail Advertising to Get Marketing Results Just 15-20 years ago, direct mail advertising was among the most popular marketing options; this fact made it extremely difficult to stand out from the crowd, as your mailer was apt to arrive with at least a dozen others.



But in recent years, we've seen a dramatic decrease in the number of companies using direct mail campaigns as a marketing method, in favor or web-based marketing opportunities. This has made the web a place where it's extremely difficult to stand out from the crowd and get noticed, while the competition among direct mail advertisers is much smaller. This means it's an ideal method for connecting with prospective clients or customers, since your mailing is much more apt to actually get noticed by Consumers. When crafting a direct mail advertisement, it's important to follow these general rules:


– Use lots of color, especially red and oranges, as the eye is naturally attracted to these colors.


– Use a minimum amount of text; write only what's absolutely necessary to convey the primary message, as people don't want to read a lot of text on an advertisement.


– Most importantly, craft a mailer that people are apt to keep. This makes them much more effective as a marketing vehicle!



The single most effective method for direct mail marketing involves mailing out postcards and other mailers that include a coupon (or an approach where the consumer must bring in the mailer to get the discount). Studies have shown that coupons in particular dramatically increase memorability and coupons tend to ups the the percentage of people who actually keep the mailers, which dramatically ups their efficiency as a marketing tool.



What's more, coupons have also been found to be an effective vehicle for getting people to try a new service, a new product or shop at a new store. In fact, when you have a coupon, you're more likely to spend more money than planned and you're more likely to purchase items or services that you wouldn't purchase without a coupon. These factors make coupon mailers a very effective method for pulling in new customers or clients!